After a creation of a profile the next important stage is a choice of photos. At first sight everything is very simple – a girl chooses the best (from her point of view). And here is the success! This strategy is only partially right. A photo should surely be bright and attractive, but one can choose a pic that won’t be liked by men or even worse – they will gather to it like flies for honey. However, they will be not the men needed, having another aim of acquaintance, not those which a lonely Ukrainian or Russian marriage-oriented woman needs. So what should be ‘right’ photos for a dating site be like. What kind of photos should be absent in a girl’s profile?

The first thing which one pays attention at while searching for a bridegroom is a photo. And only then a man will figure out which girl is educated, well-read, kind and tender. If a woman really wants to achieve her aim she will pay for a photo session done by a good creative photographer and will try to upload to her profile photos which will attract a man’s attention.

Every woman decides herself what means should be used for attracting an attention. One should understand that for serious relationships a woman will try to attract with something delicate, not lace lingerie or an arched back. Her photos will be natural, without any invented postures or a captivating look, and, moreover, without another extremity – an image of a haughty, spoiled person who doesn’t need anyone at all.

Quite often one can see amateur photos in albums of Russian and Ukrainian brides. Why is it so? Studio photos are good, but men still feel suspicious about such pics and are afraid that in real life a woman is not like an ideal image. Amateur photos should show a small part of every-day life and persuade a man that a girl is pretty even without Photoshop. Ideal is a photo made during a trip, a walk, workout or a photo with a cat or a dog.
Lately many modern dating agencies use photos not just like a demonstration of a natural beauty, femininity and sexuality of Slavic women, but as a search parameter. Yes, don’t be surprised. Russian dating service ‘Goodwife’ is testing the new photo service aimed at a visual search of the best fitting couple. Its main point is simple: you are to choose from a gallery of girls of various types of appearance. A choice of one of the photos guides you to a gallery where a woman’s character type is defined in more details. Having looked through a couple of hundreds of pretty girls you show to the ‘smart search’ what kind of women is the best for you.