Russian brides and women folk Photos
Russian women national costume rather difficult to describe, in this country it is the division of social status.
If easier, there is a peasant Russian brides national costume, and "urban". The first is an embroidered peasant dress, with a national ornament, shoes, hats. Incidentally, this is the photos russian brides in national costume, especially highly prized in the world - because of the very beautiful embroideries, laces, etc., created by hand by village craftsmen and seamstresses. Urban Russian national costume presented in the main outer garment - a long, leather or wool coat, tall black leather boots same, Cossack hats, etc.

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folk dress, ethnic photos of Russian brides

Since ancient times, Russian women dressed modestly and soberly, - fashion radically different from the hot and sexual women- Russian Amazons

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Ukrainian an Russian national costume in the women's version is very similar to Belarus; basis is a long shirt, however, for women it was decorated with embroidery and other decorative elements. Over the shirt is often worn skirts - colorful, bright, well decorated with embroidery. Actually, what can we say about the Russian and Ukrainian national costume - he is very bright, filled with colorful color